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“Wow I have just finished Hearts of Gold by @catrincollier!! To read a book set in the town I live in was so good!! Something I have been craving for ages. The characters and story was amazing!! Mel (@mehy14)”

I recently saw the above comment above from Mel on twitter and realised a whole new generation has grown up since Hearts of Gold was first published in 1992. So, on August 10th you will be able to download the kindle edition of Hearts of Gold  for only 99p, on August 11th it will be £1.99 before reverting to £3.99 on the 12th. – http://catrincollier.co.uk/hearts-of-gold/ – Also on August 10th and 11th my short story LAST ORDERS – https://amzn.to/2YBAsvp – about the Vic Club on the Graig based on an actual incident will be free on Kindle. I hope you enjoy them and would love to hear your opinions, please visit my website for more details of my books and photographs that inspired my research   www.catrincollier.co.uk  warmest Wishes, Catrin Collier

The best days are the ones when I hear from a reader

My new novel, Glyndwr, which has taken me two years to research and write has been pre-launched on Amazon and is now available on kindle and as a paperback novel. A right click on the jackets will take you to the Amazon sites and more information about this project will be announced shortly.

Amazon kindle edition

Paperback version

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