Swansea Girls

Swansea Girls – Book One in the Swansea Girls Trilogy Click on jacket for Amazon page #ad

It is Saturday night and the Pier Ballroom in Swansea is the place to be: For Lily, an evacuee unclaimed by her family at the end of the war; for Judy, taught independence by her war widow mother; for Katie, the product of a marriage between a drunken, violent father and a cowed, beaten mother; and for the spoiled, wilful Helen. It is an evening that fuels jealousies and sows the seeds for friendships, confidences, and romance . . .

Swansea Summer – Book Two in the Swansea Girls Trilogy Click on jacket for Amazon page #ad


In the Swansea of the fifties, there is only one thing for a boy to do when he gets a girl ‘into trouble’ and that is to marry her – and quickly.

Blighted by an unhappy childhood, passionately in love for the first time in his life, Jack can’t wait to do the right thing. A happy family of his own is all he ever wanted but not even in his wildest dreams did he envisage a wife like Helen.

Beautiful, intelligent and loving, Helen is headstrong enough to defy her family and convention for Jack and, when her father gives them his blessing, their future beckons assured and glittering – until tragedy strikes and tears them apart.

Homecoming – Book Three in the Swansea Girls Trilogy Click on jacket for Amazon page #ad

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January 1957, Helen’s husband Jack returns from National Service. Happy, reunited, they slip back into life together with their friends; Lily, pregnant and married to Jack’s brother Martin, Katie, pregnant and married to Helen’s father John, and Judy, engaged to policeman Sam.
Their idyll ends the night Jack confesses a fling with a sergeant’s widow has left the woman pregnant. Helen is barren, handling her friends’ pregnancies was difficult; but Jack’s revelation is shattering. Still loving Jack, she starts divorce proceedings until life offers a choice which might save their marriage if she can find the courage.


iris williams

23 April 2016

i loved this book, but must admit it could have been for personal reasons.it brought back many memories for me as i grew up in the Welsh valleys during the era book was set in.i do think however that i would have enjoyed the book had i not been Welsh because it was an easy read and the characters were very real.
Amazon Customer

17 August 2018

A blast from the past a bygone era of values and social struggles
Meirion Adjetey

17 May 2015

Enjoyed the Swansea girls trilogy. Typically Indicative of Wales at that time. Thankfully things have now moved on considerably.
Elizabeth Telfer

1 February 2015

Haven’t read anything like this for a while. Enjoying getting to know the characters and their lives. Look forward to the next one !

13 September 2015

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