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    1. Dear Gregory,
      Thank you so much for asking. I am – honest – writing as fast as I can. The main problem I’m having with Book 3 is not what to put into the book but what to leave out. I am very conscious that this is supposed to be a 4 book series, but there were so many battles, so many alliances, and I have also discovered a wealth of information in various medieval documents and the Mortimer Family papers about Glyndwr that have led me to form my own opinions and theories about the great man and the mystery of his final days – theories I know will horrify some people. I have just emerged from a week spent at the battle of Bryn Glas so progress is being made and I’m aiming to publish Book 3 by the autumn. Hope and dread – I feel as though the great man has moved into my study and I know I will be bereft and slide into post book depression when I am finally forced to let him go. Warm Wishes, Catrin.

  1. Hi Catrin.
    Thanks so much for your help giving this talk which as you know I have helped arrange on behalf of Pontypridd Historical Society.
    I look forward to it immensely.
    I wondered if later in the year you could give a talk either virtually or face to face on another of the many topics I know you cover?
    Very best regards
    Howard Thomas

    1. I would be absolutely delighted, Howard. Just pick a topic I’ve researched from my listed books, or let me know if you’d prefer a talk on creative writing? Really looking forward to next Wednesday. Warm wishes, Catrin.

  2. FREE ZOOM TALK (link to register for your free place (click here for Home events page – PONTYPRIDD DURING THE DEPRESSION YEARS. It’s a topic close to my heart because it takes me to the town when my father was a young man and back to when I spent a full year researching in Pontypridd’s magnificent library with the help of their even more magnificent staff. A week from today, at 7.30 I will be talking in partnership with Pontypridd Historical Society on Zoom, courtesy of If anyone has any questions they want to raise, or a topic they’d like to discuss please post on my discussion page, (link below). If you’d like to know more about Pontypridd’s own 40 thieves, the bookie’s runners who flourished during the lean years, the workhouse, Pontypridd’s Boxing heroes or our beautiful “lost” buildings, the privations that came with wartime – and the GI”s or just talk about the town that I love that will always be “home” to me, please post. I look forward to hearing from you, and “meeting” you virtually at 7.30 p.m. on the 7th April,

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